It’s been two months since we got back from Southeast Asia and we are once again ready to hit the road. While we spent a good amount of our travel budget in Southeast Asia, we have enough money left for one last road trip. In order to end our gap year on a high note we decided to take a 10 week cross-country road trip to the West Coast and back!

Cross-Country Road Trip

From the very beginning we wanted our gap year to be about seeing more of our own country. Before graduating from Penn State we had only been to a handful of states in the past. Since the beginning of our gap year we have traveled to 14 states along the East Coast.

The goal for our West Coast road trip is to experience as much of the United States as we can. Along the way we hope to find a city we can pursue our future careers in. We will start by driving across the States to Los Angeles, then we will drive up the West Coast to Seattle, before heading back home along a different route across the country.

Our Rough Itinerary

While we haven’t written our itinerary in stone, we do have a rough outline of where we’d like to go. The focus of our trip will be in Colorado, Utah, California, Oregon, and Washington. Outside of a few cities here or there this will be the general order of our road trip:

A map of our preliminary West Coast road trip stops

Blacksburg (1 night)

Nashville (3 nights)

St. Louis (3 nights)
Kansas City (3 nights)

Boulder (4 nights)

Arches National Park (3 nights)
Zion/Bryce Canyon National Parks (3 nights)
Salt Lake City (4 nights)

Los Angeles (4 nights)
San Francisco (3 nights)
Redwoods National Park (2 nights)

Portland (5 nights)

Seattle (4 nights)

Boise (2 nights)

Cheyenne (1 night)

Lincoln (2 nights)

Des Moines (2 nights)

Minneapolis (3 nights)

Milwaukee (3 nights)

Chicago (4 nights)

Indianapolis (3 nights)

Columbus (3 nights)

Pittsburgh (2 nights)
State College (2 nights)

Have you been to any of these places before? If so, we’d love if you left a recommendation or two below in the comment section!