Summer weather in eastern Pennsylvania is for the most part predictable. We have a couple days of hot, humid grossness, followed by an afternoon thunderstorm that breaks the humidity. Then the cycle repeats. However this summer has been a bit different.

Ever since Father’s Day weekend, the weather has been insane. It seems to rain every other day, with strong thunderstorms and high winds becoming a regular occurrence. In the past two weeks we have even had a few tornados touch down!

We don’t like to make excuses, but the weather has really “dampened” our travel plans! Father’s Day weekend we had planned on attending the Chester County Balloon Festival, but due to rain, opted instead for a nice dinner under the back deck awning. The following weekend, the storms cut our beach trip a few days short.

We just hope these next few fun-filled weekends stay dry! Brad is done working at the pool for the summer and we have some big things planned…so keep your eyes peeled for updates and more traveling from us!


But now onto our most recent trip to Sea Isle City! As you may or may not know, Brad’s family has a property at a campground in Sea Isle; so if we do not have anything planned for a weekend we usually head there to get some beach-time in. However, this was not one of those weekends.

Our main reason for going to the beach this time was to attend the Sea Isle City Food Truck Rally. While the real festival is not until September 11-13, the rally featured dozens of food trucks and vendors lined up along 63rd and Landis Ave. The food ranged from Puerto Rican pig roast cuisine to a truck solely dedicated to PB&Js.

The Sea Isle City Food Truck Rally in New Jersey

The Sea Isle City Food Truck Rally located on 63rd and Landis Ave

For our first course we split an order of Moonshine sliders (slow smoked briskets swimming in homemade moonshine BBQ sauce) from the Five Sisters Food Co truck. They are originally from Tuckerton, NJ and offer full service catering, as well as a unique BBQ roast menu. So far SO good!

Five Sisters Food Truck at the Sea Isle City Food Truck Rally

Our first course came from the Five Sisters Food Co. of Tuckerton, NJ

Next, we ordered from Dump N Roll, an asian-fusion truck from Philadelphia that specializes in making traditional Chinese staples, as well as transforming local favorites (mac and cheese, Philly cheesesteak) into spring rolls and dumplings.

Unable to decide what to eat, we had the chef make a customized sample platter based off of his recommendations. We each had 2 “oink and chive” dumplings, 2 chicken dumplings, a loaded crab mac-n-cheese spring roll and split an order of smoked truffle fries with garlic.

When creating their unique dishes, Dump N Roll’s goal is to give their customers a “mouth-gasm.” According to the Urban Dictionary, a mouth-gasm is “when you eat something that causes you to make pleasurable sounds out loud, exactly like the ones that you make when you have a orgasm”. All we have to say is, mouth-gasm achieved…

Dump N Roll Food Truck at the Sea Isle City Food Truck Rally

Dump N Roll’s truck really stands out from the rest with its street style graffiti-branding

In order to wash down our meal we stopped at the Shore Shake truck and ordered some shakes. I ordered the chocolate shake with homemade peanut butter and almond butter mixed in, while Brad went for the “Coco Tropicale” which included coconut milk, pineapple, mango, thai basil, lime zest.

Since we were only two blocks from the beach, we took our shakes to-go and walked along the water!



Later that night we made the decision to set our alarms for 5 a.m. in order to catch the 5:36 a.m. sunrise at the beach. While it wasn’t easy to wake Leslie up that early, we were somehow able to roll out of bed and make it to the beach just in time to watch the sun peek over the horizon.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the morning:

The sunrise from the beach in Sea Isle City New Jersey

The sunrise from the beach in Sea Isle City New Jersey

Sunrise at the beach in Sea Isle City New Jersey

The sunrise in Sea Isle City New Jersey

It may not have been easy to wake up bright and early, however it was well worth every minute of lost sleep to see the sunrise.

We try and eat at food trucks when traveling as often as possible. Have you ever had a meal from a food truck? If so, let us know which one and where in the comment section below? We want to add it to our list!