To date, I have been to three weddings. The first was when my oldest brother, Chris, got married in 2004. The second was last fall when my best friend from childhood got married. The third wedding was two weeks later, when Leslie’s cousin Tina got married. Each was special in their own way, however none of them come close to the excitement I have for the next wedding I will attend.

On September 25th (the same weekend the Pope is in town) my other brother, Greg, is getting married. It will be the first time I am part of the wedding party, as my brothers and I will be the groomsman. But this post isn’t about Greg’s wedding. Instead it is about his bachelor party which happened this past weekend in Ocean City, Maryland.

The Bay House

Celebrating at Seacrets

Rather than renting individual rooms at a hotel, we opted for a bay house on 32nd street. There were 16 of us total, however people came and went at different times throughout the weekend. We spent most of our weekend at the great bars Ocean City has to offer, including Mackey’s, Seacrets, and Coconuts. While I would love to tell you about everything that happened last weekend, I can’t. As they say, “What happens in Vegas OCMD, stays in Vegas OCMD.”


All right I lied, there is one story from the weekend I will tell you. It was Friday night and we were looking for a place to grab some food before heading out to the bars. While walking along Coastal Highway we came across the 45th Street Taphouse Bar and Grill, which at the time sounded like a great place to get a bite to eat and have a few drinks.

When we walked in, half of the group went to claim a table along the bay while the rest of us went to the bar to order some drinks. Eager to get the night started, I handed my ID to the bartender and started to look at what they had on tap. However, the only thing I received was an apology as the bartender told me, “Sorry, we don’t accept vertical ID’s.”

Seeing as I will turn 23 in October, I was a tad bit confused as to why they wouldn’t accept my state issued ID. When we asked to speak to the manager, the bartender pointed us to a man sipping on a beer at the bar just a few seats to our right. When asked why they wouldn’t serve me, the manager said it was “company policy.”

I cannot speak to the quality of their food, drinks, or service (their reviews are mixed on these topics), due to the fact we immediately left once told I would not be served any drinks. All I can say is they lost $200+ in business due to their “company policy” and that I recommend you spend your money elsewhere.


To ensure “company policy” doesn’t interfere with our trips in the future, Leslie and I decided to head to the DMV this week to change our vertical ID’s for horizontal ones. On the way there, we were dreading the long wait we would have to endure as we waited for our turn. However, to our surprise we were in and out in under ten minutes!

We walked in, grabbed our tickets, and sat down to wait our turn. Not even two minutes later my number was called, shortly followed by Leslie’s. We both handed over our old ID’s, filled out a quick form, and wrote two checks for $27.50 a piece (well worth the price to ensure I am able to enjoy my legal rights). Next thing we knew, we were handed our brand new licenses and were walking out the door!

Vertical ID’s

Horizontal ID’s



Although I was not personally victimized by Taphouse Bar and Grill, I am still excited to have a horizontal ID in my possession. It’s the little things in life, right? I was even more excited to see a Firehouse Subs next to the DMV. I’ve heard great things about this place from friends, but have never seen one anywhere near home. Firehouse Subs falls within the same realm as Quiznos or Jimmy John’s, but are known for their hot sandwiches.

We were greeted by a friendly manager who gave us the lowdown on the menu, which is always nice for first timers. We decided to split a “King’s Hawaiian” pork & slaw sandwich which includes pit-smoked pulled pork, pepper jack cheese, fresh Hawaiian coleslaw, all on toasted King’s Hawaiian bread. We’re suckers for “limited time only” things.

Not only was the food delicious, but strangely enough we were able to check an item off our camping list – a sealed bucket! These buckets are great for sealing your food away from animals and insects, and can easily be hung up out of harm’s way. Firehouse Subs sells food-grade buckets (which were originally used to ship pickles) to customers for only $2, and all proceeds go to local fire stations. Now all we have to do is get the pickle smell out!