Leslie and I are on the road again and this time we are heading down south. Our previous trips have focused on the Northeast, including trips to New Jersey, New York, Maine, and Vermont. So we decided to complete the rest of the East Coast by driving all the way down to Florida. With several stops planned along the way, this trip will last about a month.


With the seasons starting to change back home, we figured it was time to head south for some warmer weather. Thankfully, my Pop-Pop has a house in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, which means we have a place to stay for free!

It’s been a looong time since I’ve been to Florida, so I am really excited to get there. Leslie on the other hand was in Marco Island last year during spring break while I was studying abroad in the Czech Republic. However, she has never been to Ft. Lauderdale, so my Pop-Pop and I will have a lot to show her!

The drive from West Chester to Ft. Lauderdale takes just under 20 hours (that is, if you don’t hit traffic or make any stops), so we decided to spread the trip over a week. By breaking the drive up into 4-7 hour chunks, we will be able to stop in three cities on the way to Florida. To save some money on accommodation we’ve decided to stay with some friends/family, as well as, a few Couchsurfing hosts.

During part 1 of our East Coast Road Trip to Ft. Lauderdale, we stopped in Raleigh, Charleston, and Orlando

First Stop: Raleigh, North Carolina (October 26 – October 28)


The first stop of our East Coast road trip is Raleigh, NC. We left West Chester exactly at noon and arrived around 6:45 PM yesterday. We would have gotten here faster, however we made a rest stop for some Chick-Fil-A…oh, and BRAD GOT PULLED OVER!

We’ve had an ongoing bet since we got our licenses as to which one of us would get pulled over first and it looks like I just won. The officer pulled him over for tailgating another driver (in a safety corridor none the less). The fine would have been $380 with 5 points on his license, however he ended up with a warning instead.


While I have no objection with the officer for pulling me over, I do have an objection with Leslie’s claim that she won the bet! If I remember correctly the bet was for who would get a ticket first, not pulled over. Regardless, this bet is rigged seeing as our driving ratio is 90-10 with me driving the majority of the time!


Yeah, yeah, let’s agree to disagree. Our main reason for stopping in Raleigh was to catch up with our old roommate, Steve. He moved down here only a couple days after graduation, and has been working hard ever since. He lives close by to downtown Raleigh, in Cary, which is apparently the safest town in the country!

Last night we all grabbed dinner downtown at Hibernian’s Pub and got a quick tour of town from Steve’s car. Unfortunately, the weather forecast for today and tomorrow is not great for exploring outdoors, so it looks like we will have to find some indoor activities.

The weather for Raleigh North Carolina

Second Stop: Charleston, South Carolina (October 28 – November 1)

At some point tomorrow, we will make our way towards Charleston, SC. This stop will last four nights (including Halloween), and it looks like we will have great weather ahead! We will be Couchsurfing again, this time with a professional Cellist who has been to nearly every U.S. State!

Besides the southern tip of Florida, I have never seen the South. I could not be more excited for the spanish moss, cobblestone streets, friendly locals and warm weather. And there is no better time to visit Charleston than on Halloween! The historical town offers ghost tours and history walks all year long, so I can only imagine what they do for the holiday. Personally I am dying to see the famous Magnolia Cemetery, and I think Halloween will be a great day to do so!

The weather for Charleston South Carolina

Third Stop: Orlando, Florida (November 1 – November 3)

Sunday morning, we will leave Charleston for Orlando, Florida. We have no idea where we are staying yet, but a little last minute planning on the road is what road trips are all about, right?

Once we get to Orlando, we plan on visiting some natural springs with a Couchsurfing connection, and possibly head to Universal Studios for a day. I have never seen Disneyworld or Universal, but Harry Potter World is a major draw. We will see what happens!

The weather for Orlando Florida


We will be on the road through November 24, until we go back home for Thanksgiving. We have never been on a trip this long (besides when Brad studied abroad for four months) and are excited for everything that lies ahead. As for what we have planned for our time in Ft. Lauderdale and the drive home, you will have to wait to find out (aka we have no idea yet)!

Have you taken an East Coast road trip before? If so, what was your favorite stop along the way? Let us know in the comment section below!