On May 10, the day after graduation, Leslie and I packed our bags and drove back to West Chester. While we wanted to stay in State College for senior week, I had to help get the pool at my old job ready for the summer. Over the next ten days I worked 70 hours vacuuming the pool, power-washing the deck, balancing the chemicals and arranging the furniture.

After it was all said and done I made $677 which would go a long way for our upcoming travels; however, with my laptop starting to fall apart I have my eyes on a new MacBook Pro. While I have always been a PC guy, I have slowly started buying Apple products over the years. First it was the iPod Nano, followed by the iPhone 4s (and more recently the iPhone 6), then I received an iPad for my birthday. At this point it only makes sense I complete my collection and get a MacBook!

It took fifteen hours of powerwashing

and thirty hours of vacuuming to get the pool ready



In order to have a place to work this summer, we decided to refurbish one of the spare bedrooms in Brad’s house and turn it into an office. Previously this room has served as a bedroom for one of Brad’s brothers, a workout room for the family, and a sculpture studio for Brad in high school. Once Brad was done with the pool each day, I would meet him at his house to work on the room. We started by clearing out the room, laying down plastic, and priming the walls.

Originally the walls were a deep blue and a pale orange. We decided a light grey and bright white would give the room a clean and modern look. Next we installed a new ceiling fan and fixed up some old furniture to match the walls. We gave the desk and a pair of bookshelves a fresh coat of white. All we have left is to add some fun finishing touches!

From cluttered and clashing

to clean and complimentary

Before the desk was hidden under plywood and plastic

now it has new life with a fresh coat of paint


We spent our Memorial Day weekend in Sea Isle City, NJ, at Brad’s families beach house (technically a double-wide trailer). The weather was perfect and the beach was only a 10 minute drive away! When we didn’t feel like driving to the beach, there was a lake in the campground a short walk away from Brad’s place with its own private beach. We spent our time relaxing, catching up with family, and of course, eating.

Saturday night we picked up a 6-pack and drove into Sea Isle with Brad’s brother Greg and his fiance, Christine, to enjoy Mike’s Seafood (BYOB). Everything was delicious, and the bay atmosphere was perfect for Memorial Day weekend. On Memorial Day we went to the Ocean City, where we devoured boardwalk food and window shopped on Asbury Street. Then we drove the Cape May Zoo, which boasts a wide variety of wildlife, from giraffes to snow leopards, all for free (donations suggested).

Favorite part of Memorial Day weekend at the beach, Shrivers Fudge 👌

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It is a huge relief now that the pool is open and the office is nearly complete. Instead of spending a majority of our time working, it is time to take some adventures and do some traveling. We are not sure yet where we will be this weekend, however this week we will be heading into Philadelphia for a day trip. If you have any Philadelphia suggestions leave them in the comment section below!