A lot can happen over the course of 24 hours. For example, a blizzard can drop two and a half feet of snow in a single day. Which is precisely what happened back home in West Chester just two days before we were set to fly to Southeast Asia.

Thanks to Snowmageddon 2016, we spent our final two days in the states shoveling our way out of Leslie’s driveway. It wasn’t easy, but after many hours of of work we were able to dig out the cars so we could make it to New York City for our flight.

Us before heading into security at JFK International Airport

Adapting to Life in Southeast Asia

Our first priority after landing in Bangkok and making it through immigration was to change into some cooler clothes. While it was 27 degrees in New York when we entered JFK, it was 80 degrees when we exited BKK in Bangkok (but hey, we weren’t complaining!). Next, we headed outside to grab a cab to our Airbnb.

Even though there was a bit of a language barrier we were able to make it to our Airbnb thanks to the directions our hosts provided us that were conveniently written in Thai. Once on the road it took us a few minutes to get used to cars driving on the left side of the road!

Shaking off Jetlag at the Airbnb

I’m not sure what effected us more: traveling for 24+ hours straight, the 12 hour time difference, or the general lack of sleep from sitting upright for so long. But, we had some serious jet-lag once we arrived at our Airbnb around 3:00pm.

Thankfully our hosts quickly showed us to our room and kindly gave us our space thereafter. Without taking much time to enjoy our accommodation we each hopped in the shower, washed off the remnants of our economy class flight, and proceeded to collapse on our bed. We did not move again for the next 16 hours.

Starting our Day with a Full Stomach

When we finally woke up the next morning we realized we booked the perfect Airbnb to start our trip. Located on the third floor of a 3-story home, our bedroom featured dark hardwood throughout, a big, comfy bed, and a separate walk in closet with a bathroom attached. We even had the choice of two showers – indoors or outdoors.

Our Airbnb's spacious bedroom in the Aree neighborhood of Bangkok, Thailand

The view of Bangkok, Thailand from our Airbnb's window
The spacious closet at our Airbnb in Bangkok Thailand

However, our favorite part of the Airbnb was the delicious breakfast provided each morning from 8-10am. And we aren’t talking your typical “free breakfast” you get at a hotel, but instead featured multiple dishes including chicken & egg fried rice, a traditional Thai soup, fresh fruit and water, juice & tea.

Our Airbnb's spacious bedroom in the Aree neighborhood of Bangkok, Thailand

Have you traveled to Southeast Asia before? If so let us know about your trip in the comment section below!