We’re Brad + Leslie

Two recent college grads on a gap year


Spending the majority of my childhood outdoors with neighborhood friends, I have been an explorer since a young age. At college I studied abroad twice: spending four months in Florence, Italy, as well as, ten days in the Czech Republic. With Penn State behind me, I would rather hit the road for another trip instead of settling down into a career.


Interested in art from an early age, I found myself studying graphic design in college. With an obsessive eye for detail and a focus on conceptual design, I enjoy bringing new and exciting projects to life. But after spending most of my life so far in school I am ready to get out and explore the world around me for inspiration!

The Blog

Together we created Two Sided Travels

Over this next year our main focus is to see, try, and learn new things while on the road. And in our downtime, we created Two Sided Travels to document these adventures and share them with you! By doing so, we hope to inspire you to get out there and go somewhere you have not yet been, or at least live vicariously through us.

However, we want to make something clear from the beginning: we are not doing this to just tell you what we have been up to. We want to hear from you along the way! Have something to say about your own experience traveling? Then feel free to leave a comment. Have a question about traveling or taking a gap year? Send us an email. Are you currently taking your own gap year? Or have you taken one in the past? We would love to hear about your experience!

About Us: Brad and Leslie in the Sculpture Garden of City Park in New Orleans Louisiana

The Past

At our age, you can imagine the looks we get when we tell someone we have been dating for seven years. In fact, we bet you can even guess the first question people ask us after they find out we have been dating for so long (hint: it involves $$$ and a shiny ring).

But in all honesty, we try not to spend our time planning for the future. Instead, we prefer to focus on the present. However, to really understand our relationship it is a good idea to have an understanding of our past. This page is dedicated to the first seven years of our relationship.


About Us: Brad and Leslie kissing the Nittany Lion Shrine at Penn State University in State College Pennsylvania

The Present

Seventeen years later and we are finally done with school. The majority of American students spend their senior year of college applying and interviewing for jobs. Eager to get out in the “real world” and start paying off their student debt, most students hope to have a job set up before they graduate. If not a job, then they are likely applying for either grad school, law school, and med school.

Very rarely do American students consider taking time off after school. They might be able to secure a start date towards the end of summer, but if they aren’t working come mid-August it usually means they haven’t been able to get a job. For us, it is going to be a different story. Not only do we not plan on having a job by mid-August, but we plan on taking an entire year off.


About Us: Brad doing a yoga Crow Pose in Acadia National Park

About Us: Leslie in Acadia National Park